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Quantitative electromyographic analysis of synergy in neuromuscular control The development and initial validation of the Domains of Shame Questionnaire The measurement of sex role guilt in women: A pilot study
Range of motion of the neck and shoulder in the well elderly The development and validation of the Food Craving Scale The over-valued and under-valued self: Pride and self-contempt in the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr, Carl Rogers, and Karen Horney
Rapid effects of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 on calcium uptake in chick enterocytes The effect and the duration of the effect of a static hamstring stretch on active knee range of motion The perception of exertion in chronic low back pain patients
Recognizing and predicting general trends in the reactivity and chemistry of a series of related copper complexes The effect of cardiac rehabilitation on exercise capacity, submaximal heart rate and blood pressure in older men and women The place of interpersonal orientation as compared with cognitive ability measures in the prediction of job performance for health care support personnel
Regulation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression by laminar shear stress The effect of cryotherapy on isokinetic concentric peak torque and endurance in the quadriceps femoris muscle group The pre-absorptive, instantaneous effects of natural and refined sugar on quadriceps peak torque
Regulation of fibroblast function in wound repair The effect of lower abdominal training on total abdominal strength The prediction of high school student dropouts using criteria based on attachment theory
Regulation of leptin production in adipocytes The effect of nonfinancial structural barriers on health care utilization by children with and without special health care needs The predictive capacity of the working alliance in vocational rehabilitation outcomes
Relationship between trajectories of leg strength and gait speed among sedentary older adults: Dose-response and influence of baseline comorbidity The effect of nutritional supplementation and exercise on subjective pain and function in people with osteoarthritis of the knee The quantitative assessment of osteoinductivity of human demineralized bone matrix and cDNA array analysis of osteogenic differentiation in human periosteal cells
Relationship of perturbed standing to static and dynamic balance The effect of organizational culture and structure on patient safety in medical group practices The relationship between burnout and organizational commitment in academic oncologists
Relationships between physical and psychological measures of masculinity, femininity, and androgyny, and performance on sexually dimorphic cognitive tests The effect of physical activity on bone mass in obese girls during weight loss The relationship between emotional intelligence and health habits of health education students
Relationships between postural exercise and risk factors for falling in individuals with osteoporosis The effect of the deep heating component of ultrasound on the muscle torque of right elbow flexion concentric and eccentric muscle contractions in healthy men and women The relationship between exercise capacity and health status
Reliability and validity of the Leadership Self-Efficacy Scale The effects of a 16-week home-based cardiac rehabilitation exercise program for older patients The relationship between goal orientation, perceived competence, and beliefs about the causes of success among adult participants in an exercise program
Role of norepinephrine in glucose homeostasis The effects of balance training on persons with multiple sclerosis The relationship between lean body mass, resting metabolic rate, and peak oxygen consumption in spinal cord-injured and able-bodied individuals
Role of protein tyrosine phosphatase-PEST in nitric oxide-induced inhibition of basal and insulin-stimulated cell motility The effects of caffeine on quadricep muscle endurance The relationship between physical activity and low back pain in people above age 50
Self-Forgiveness Scale: A validation study The effects of coaching and peer reinforcement on socially isolated kindergarten children The relationship of metabolic control to hardiness, self-efficacy, and perceived medication adherence in adults with diabetes mellitus
Sense of humor and spirituality as correlates of psychological well-being in men with and without human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) The effects of intermittent cooling during heat exposure with American football gear and postexercise rehydration following physical exertion in the heat The relationship of sense of coherence and learned resourcefulness to functional health status in women with systemic lupus erythematosus
Sexual minority identity formation and internalized homophobia in lesbians: A validation study of a new instrument and related variables The effects of intermittent exposure to hyperbaric oxygen for the treatment of an acute soft tissue injury The reliability and validity of mechanical testing of knee joint proprioception
Short-term effects of mobilization in patients with low back pain The effects of isometric strength training of the biceps brachii on electromyography, mechanomyography, and muscle strength The role of cholesterol in signal transduction
Signal transduction pathways involved in FSH- and LH-induced granulosa cell differentiation: Role of PKA and AKAPs The effects of lower extremity muscle fatigue on vertical ground reaction forces and muscle activation patterns during landing The role of nitric oxide in cholesteatoma-induced bone resorption
Site-specific incorporation of synthetic amino acids into functioning ion channels The effects of participation in selected dance activities on self-efficacy and movement skills in children with educable mental retardation The role of perceived discrimination and perceived cultural competence in predicting use of preventive health care services
Small molecule microarrays: A high-throughput tool for discovering protein-small molecule interactions The effects of resistance exercise on lipid peroxidation, bone metabolism, and physical performance in adults aged 60--85 years The seductions of dissonance: Ragini Devi and the idea of India in the United States, 1893--1965
Social support and physical activity The effects of self-concept programming on quality of life for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness The therapeutic value of recreational hand activities for older adults
Spatial economics of health care: Health care plans and physicians The effects of shoulder plyometric training on proprioception and muscle performance characteristics The upper extremity and grip strength in precision figure skaters
Statistical analysis of health care expenditure and health status in the well-elderly study The effects of training at equal power levels using eccentric and concentric contractions on skeletal muscle fiber and whole muscle hypertrophy, muscle force, and muscle activation in human subjects The validation of a 2-minute step test in older adults
Stereotype threat: The effects of gender identification on standardized test performance The effects of treatment frequency on treatment outcome for foster care children (Florida) Training in vocational rehabilitation
Stories of safe voices and dangerous fun: Introducing middle school students to the art of making dances The efficacy of the AMI Clinical Treatment and Curriculum Manual for male adolescents with co-existing mental health and aggression-based syndromes: A program evaluation Transformation of human forms in Oskar Schlemmer's Total Dance Theater (Germany)
Strategies for motor control analysis in children The evolution of a regulatory relationship: The management of the liquidation of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England Transformational leadership and the enhancement of employee commitment and performance at Children's and Women's Health Care Centre of British Columbia
Stroop task reaction time as an indicator of gambling among a college student population The experience of altered states of consciousness by actors during performance Translating strategy into action: The balanced scorecard
Structuring collaborative improvisation: Reflections from contact improvisational dance The Family Experience with Eating Disorders Scale: Psychometric analysis Under a Paris moon: Transatlantic black modernism, French colonialist cinema, and the Josephine Baker Museum
Struggling with exercise decisions: The influence of acute thoughts and coping self-efficacy The hospitalists' effect on patient satisfaction: A comparison between family practice physician and hospitalist physician patient satisfaction performance Using dance to teach math: The effects of a co-teaching arts integration model on teacher practice and student learning
Studies on the key thiamin diphosphate-bound enamine intermediate in models and enzymes The impact of case management on the elderly in a managed care environment: Member understanding and plausible benefit Using dance/movement therapy techniques to augment the effectiveness of therapeutic holding with children
Supplemental strength training and the relationship to injury prevention for college-level dancers: Attitudes and beliefs regarding issues within the topic The impact of education on nursing attitudes and behaviors that affect cost-effective care Using performance failure appraisals to conceptualize and assess fear of failure
Synthesis and mechanistic studies of novel mitomycins The impact of motivational and moral variables on aggressive tendencies in sport Utilization, cost, and medication management outcomes of an integrated care intervention for depression
Telemedicine as viable health delivery The impact of religious involvement on depressive syndrome in a community sample of recently bereaved adults Verification of a dynamical systems approach to skill acquisition
Template-directed interference footprinting of protein-DNA complexes The influence of background music on exercise rate as graded by sit-ups Virtual power and kinetic bodies: Re-thinking twentieth century dance aesthetics
Testing a prototypic approach to scale reduction: Improving efficiency in assessment The influence of glycosylated hemoglobin on oxygen consumption in women What do you think about me thinking for myself? Views from two Ohio communities on psychiatric advance directives
The benefits of in-home mental health care for the homebound elderly The influence of goal difficulty on learning a balance skill as measured by changes in performance variability Why the weak can win: Healthcare politics in postwar Japan
The cognitive representation of stressful memories The influence of goal orientation on individuals' cognitive, affective, and behavioral reactions to different types of performance feedback Women in recovery from alcohol: Their perspectives
The construction of a scale that measures the functions of identity The influence of static stretching on hamstring flexibility Working memory and procedural memory: Capacity and speed, separable dimensions in the acquisition of cognitive skill
The description of self-esteem in emotionally disturbed adolescents participating in service-learning The level of acceptance of an alcoholic identity instrument: Psychometric properties and exploratory analysis Wrist range of motion of the well-elderly
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