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Effects of calf muscle fatigue on muscle-joint complex stiffness of the lower extremity during functional activities Hand preshaping patterns during reach-to-grasp movements in normal controls and Parkinson's disease patients Making sense in movement: The dynamics of self-learning and self-change
Effects of cooling on proprioception in uninjured human knees Health administration program outcome competencies needed to improve quality of care Managed care responses to payment incentives
Effects of nurse-initiated interventions on exercise adherence post cardiac rehabilitation discharge Health care attitudes: Does the experience of being a standardized patient have an effect? Management of the first episode of acute low back pain: A comparison between two treatment protocols
Effects of peer influence on psychosocial outcomes in the sport context Health perspectives of world religions: An exploratory investigation Managing United States mental healthcare policy: Changing patterns and trends in New York City acute psychiatry use, 1983--2000
Effects of posture-specific therapeutic exercise on chronic back pain and disability Health-related fitness of ex-preterm children ages 7--10 years Mathematical models that predict muscle isometric forces and fatigue
Effects of task strategy and start signals on motor performance in adults with and without Parkinson's disease Heart failure and respiratory muscle strength Maximal strength measurement of the hamstring musculature using isometric and isokinetic techniques
Effects of two resistance training protocols on insulin-like growth factors, muscle strength, and bone mass in older adults Hemodynamic determinants of post-exercise hypotension: An ambulatory study Measurement issues in determining interrater agreement
Efficacy of physiotherapy treatment for female urinary incontinence High density lipoprotein (HDL) metabolism in hypertriglyceridemic states: Investigation of the determinants of particle clearance Mission, margin, and organizational ethics: The contribution of a service-based organizational culture towards enhancing the operational success of health care institutions and its affect on charity care
Electromyographical and biomechanical analysis of the back squat exercise during high and low speeds How equity sensitivity affects attitudes and behaviors Modeling a motor skill in children with and without cerebral palsy
Estrogen receptor beta: Influence on urokinase-type plasminogen activator in vascular smooth muscle cells Human reliability analysis in the performance of advanced cardiac life support tasks Motor skill acquisition in complex multi-sensory environments
Evaluation of an experimental lifting model and an experimental breathing model Infant motor development and the home environment Moving beyond social desirability: A practical method for measuring faking in applied settings
Evaluation of categorical variable methodology for confirmatory factor analysis with Likert-type data Influence of a backpack load on selected parameters of walking gait of non-disabled men and women Muscle deoxygenation as a determinant of static back muscle endurance
Evaluation of the structure of the CAHPS survey and its invariance across population groups defined by health status and by race and ethnicity Influence of dietary energy and calcium intake on biochemical and biomechanical properties of bone in younger and older female rats Muscle torque-total torque relationships at the shoulder and elbow: Rules for initiating multijoint arm movements
Examining the construct validity of the Perceived Ability Scale for Sports (PASS) with baseball players Influence of fatigue and gender on lower extremity stiffness and stiffness recruitment strategies Muscoloskeletal injuries among recreationally active adults
Excessive commitment to exercise and the relationship between dietary restraint and perfectionism: A case of moderation or mediation? Influences of the social environment on young adolescents' health behaviors No pain, no gain: Improving hospital performance through reengineering
Exercise adherence determinants in adults aged 40--79 years Inspiratory muscle endurance test: Continuous versus discontinuous incremental threshold loading tests On the control of balance during the performance of a forward reach: Effects of age, biomechanical and psychological factors
Exercise and clinical depression: Examining psychological mechanisms Interactions between practitioners and patients with chronic illnesses Optimization of isotonic performance of human skeletal muscle
Exercise motivation and self-determination: Scale development Internal and external rotation strength values of female swimmers and water polo players Outpatient commitment in New York: Examining violence, compliance and demographic characteristics of the seriously mentally ill under Kendra's Law
Exercise participation and self-esteem: An examination of physical and social influences in a college-aged population Intersegmental dynamics analysis of the effect of an ankle foot brace on walking Oxygen uptake and leg blood flow at the onset of kicking exercise in humans
Exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis of the Student Survey of Bullying Behavior Intertwining choreography and writing workshop methods in a dance class: Qualitative action research of teacher and student experiences Patterns of physical activity and stroke in adults
Eye and head coordination in older persons with low- and high-risk for falls during stepping Interviews with CEOs in health care: The relationship between supportive/nonsupportive culture and effective/ineffective leadership Peer discrimination and children's conceptions of mental illness
Factors associated with metabolic syndrome Job satisfaction of hospital-based dietitians: Effects of personal characteristics and job facets Pelvic stabilization exercise versus conventional weight training exercise during resistance training: Its effect on the development of lumbar extension strength
Factors effecting outcome in patients receiving physical therapy for low back pain Knowing in motion, 'rightness,' and the emergence of a choreographic epistemology Perturbation of the tyrosine degradation pathway by dichloroacetic acid (DCA): A mechanism for DCA-induced multiorgan toxicity and hepatocarcinogenesis
Factors influencing the preparedness of adult daughters for taking care of elderly parents Knowledge, skills, and abilities required of health care administrators beyond the year 2000 Physical activity level and adherence: An analysis of their impact on identity and self-efficacy for physical activity
Fall risk factors in older Americans Leadership skill development experience in the healthcare system Physical activity, hormone replacement therapy, and insulin-resistant coronary artery disease risk factors in postmenopausal women
Fibroblast growth factor receptors and calvarial development Learning strategies preferred by older individuals Physicality and the Edmonton electronic dance music experience (Alberta)
Fluorescent-labeled estrogen receptors: Molecular sensors of receptor structure and function Leg length differences in lateral patellofemoral pain Postmodern reflections on dance modernism: Modernist currents of primitivism, dimensional reality, and the artist as seer on Martha Graham's "Heretic", "Lamentation", and "Primitive Mysteries"
Four dances: A dance educator's culminating project Leg muscular fatigue effects: Postural control Predicting falls within the elderly community: Comparison of postural sway, reaction time, the Berg Balance Scale and the ABC Confidence Scale for comparing fallers and non-fallers
Four works: The closing efforts of a dance educator Liberating potential for the marginalized: A critical analysis of representations of Corean Shamanist ritual based in the Minjung perspective Preservation of succinic dehydrogenase and cytochrome oxidase activity in aging rhesus monkeys
From the margins to the mainstream: Contact improvisation and the commodification of touch Lipoprotein interactions with the arterial wall: Pro- vs. anti-atherogenic effects Psychological response to athletic injury: A manual for athletic trainers
Gender differences in health-related quality of life two years post myocardial infarction Locomotion variability and joint pain Psychometric evaluation of the Sport Disengagement Questionnaire
Gender, exercise motives, and exercise behavior Locomotor and postural adaptations to inclined walking in healthy and spinal cord injured subjects Public elementary and middle school principals' understanding of occupational therapy services in the schools
Genetic modification of smooth muscle cells to enhance the performance of tissue engineered vascular grafts Lower extremity mechanics and injury patterns in runners with pes cavus and pes planus Quantification of the global dynamics of gait through the application of chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics
Genome-scale characterization of normal and pathological gene expression programs in immune cells    
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